February 9, 2016


* Dark greens - their phytochemicals will help sore muscles and begin muscle repair.
* Brazil nuts for cell damage fighting selenium.
* Chocolate Milk for protein and glycogen to help build muscles.
* Sweet Potatoes for rebuilding energy with complex carbs and an...

  • 1. Stick with your fitness routine as much as possible Just two days without exercise reduces your body’s efficient use of insulin. Mood and cardiovascular changes begin to occur as well. We never “find the time” to do anything – schedule your workouts like busines...

Eat all your meals using small salad plates and bowls. Eat what you like and tell yourself you can go back for seconds. Chances are you'll allow your brain enough time to get the "I'm full" message (about 20 minutes), and you'll enjoy everything without overeating. Thi...

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