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Updated: Jun 5

I'm excited to announce that in-person classes have resumed!!!

Getting back to class, in-person or virtually, is vital to your health and kick starting our fitness community after months of shutdowns! We hope you've been enjoying our numerous free, fun and healthy resources and online live classes we've provided as we stood together during this challenging time. We look forward to you being an essential part of our come back story! Here's a run down on how we get back to the joy of in-person classes and options to keep attending virtually!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is Safety Being Maintained for In-Person Classes?

The County of San Diego and Wade into Fitness are committed to everyone's safety. Together we will be implementing the following safety protocols at the Fallbrook Community Center for our in-person classes:

We ask that you refrain from attending class if you are feeling sick in any way or have been exposed to anyone with the COVID-19 virus within the last 14 days.

  • Touchless check-in desk. Cards class squares will be crossed off by you (bring a pen).

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the check-in table and all students are asked to use it.

  • Bathrooms are available for hand washing and use.

  • Please bring your own mats, weights & yoga ball.

  • The County of San Diego will be frequently cleaning the facility with CDC approved cleaning agents.

  • Face coverings (masks or shields) are required indoors within 6' of another person. Update: As of June 15, 2021 California's mask mandate will be lifted and masks will no longer be required during our classes, but we welcome and support anyone who wishes to continue to wear one. :)

  • Class participants will not be allowed in the building until 10 minutes prior to class. Please wait outside. :) After class, students are asked to depart the building as soon as possible to limit person-to-person indoor exposure.

  • Class occupancy will be limited by safe social distancing. We are blessed to have the largest indoor open space for our classes in the Fallbrook/Bonsall area. Please maintain a 6' or greater social distance at all times. Update: as of June 15, 2021 California's social distancing requirements will be lifted.

  • Until June 15, 2021, the State of California is only allowing a percentage of building occupancy. When that occupancy is reached, no other students will be admitted. We do not foresee turning students away based on this occupancy, but we ask your understanding as we follow safety guidelines.

  • If the class has already started, we will leave a note on the door saying "class limit has been reached" or "class spots still available." If the sign says, "class spots still available" after confirming with office staff that you do not have a temperature, you are invited to quietly join the class in a designated open workout space (a square marked by tape on the floor).

  • If occupancy has been reached, let the office staff know and you will be offered the first spot for the next class, provided you prepay for that class since this will block someone else from participating. You would do this by going into the center office and marking off a square on your punchcard for the future class or buying an individual class and letting the office staff know what class date you are reserving. The date you pick would be non-transferable or refundable, however.

  • If you wish to insure that your spot is always available, you may purchase 10 consecutive non-refundable prepaid classes versus using our traditional punch card. Your commitment to buying prepaid consecutive class series or regular punch cards not only helps you keep a consistent fitness routine and get in better shape, it supports continuing our class and our community center after a challenging time.

Can In-Person Classes Be Cancelled Again?

Yes, in-person classes could be temporarily suspended again by authorities. We ask your patience as we navigate the complexities of safely reopening. If regulations change, we will adapt, perhaps by going back to online classes, doing outdoor classes or both. We suggest you sign up for online classes so you won't miss a beat if we have to resume that way of connecting. Also make sure we have your up-to-date email and contact information in the office so we can let you know the latest news.

Will I Get The Same Great Price?

  • Yes, while we have all been financially impacted by the crisis, we are committed to the keep our in-person class costs the same.

  • We also have scholarship applications available for anyone hit hard by the crisis or otherwise in financial need. Everyone deserves access to great health!

Will Online Live Classes Still Be Available?

  • We are going to make every effort to continue to offer online live class at the same time as in-person classes!

  • This option provides a safe alternative for people who are at-risk, live with someone who is at-risk, have other concerns, like working out in the comfort of their own home or simply live out of the area.

  • Payment is required through the County of San Diego. Call (760) 728-1671.

  • Please be aware that we can't guarantee the quality, consistency, or speed of internet connections on our side or yours. Internet connections can be lost. We appreciate your understanding. We would encourage you to complete your workout on your own or enjoy one of our free, pre-recorded workouts at if your connection is lost for any reason.

Other Questions?

Whew! Navigating all of this is a lot! Feel free to send me a quick email or call the community center with any questions at (760) 728-1671! We're better together; let's do this!

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