Live Classes - Via Zoom!

Join us as we explore, learn, and connect through this new live format! Let's all stay healthy and positive together! Classes will be either the Fitness Fusion or Healing Yoga format. Once you opt-in and register for online classes, you will receive an email with the ongoing online links to access your desired classes. To opt-in click here.

You will also need to separately fill out the County of San Diego's release form, and turn it in to the Center via mail or in person. You may try your first class free with the coupon on our website homepage!

Joining a Wade into Fitness Zoom Class:

1. Opt-in click here.

2. To join a live class, you’ll need to set up your own Zoom account which is free. If you need help, Here's a link to a 5 minute video showing how to get started with Zoom

3. In your Zoom profile, please make sure you upload a picture of yourself and that your first and last name shows with your picture (not just email).

4. Open Zoom and make sure you are running the latest version before the next time you want to join a class. Otherwise, when you join the class you may be forced to wait while your Zoom updates to the latest version.

5. Click the link in the email you received for the class you wish to attend during the check in time. If for any reason the link isn't working, you can always go to Zoom and manually input the Meeting ID and password contained in the same email. There is no need to let me know you are attending ahead of time. If you've received the link, you're welcome to join in any of the classes!

7. When you enter the Zoom session, you'll be in a "waiting room" to be admitted to the session. Tech issues can happen so the online session might not open until a few minutes after the class start time.

9. Please make sure your camera/video is on at least during the check-in time. If you'd like to turn off your video after we verify it's you, you can and still participate with the class.

10. You'll have a 10 minute "check-in" window of time before class. As you are admitted from the Zoom waiting room if you already have a punch card we ask that you cross off the square or hole punch the class square in front of the class manager or me, just like we do in person at the center. If you need to purchase a single class or punch card, you can come in to the center office at any time before your desired class/es to do so (knock on office door) or you can go fully "contactless" by calling the center at (760) 728-1671 to purchase your classes over the phone and ask them to leave the receipt for me. We will mark off the classes you take from our end - no need to go anywhere!

11. Make sure you’ve got some safe open space in front of your computer for standing and floor work before each session, a mat, and check out your camera view of yourself so you can be seen during the workout.

12. To see my instruction on a full screen view, hover your mouse in the upper right hand corner of your PC and select “speaker view” (on an IPad it's at the top of your screen; bottom of your screen on an iPhone), if you want to see everyone while we are talking, click back to “gallery view”.

13. You may not always be able to clearly hear my verbal instructions during portions of the class, so watch my hands and nonverbal cues and be careful in your environment!

14. If tech issues prevent you from joining a session, fear not, you'll be notified of future sessions. Maybe see if a friend or family member can walk you through it. Be patient with the process and, Remember, learning something new is great fitness for the brain! :)

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