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Success stories from real folks of every background, size and shape!

Diane K.

“Fitness Fusion is fun, fresh and different every time! Important health information is given during class so we understand the whys behind the moves and are encouraged to do it better since we know what it’s for. I don’t get bored and I don’t feel like I have to be a dancer – I just enjoy my work out. I love the joyous party atmosphere. The energy of everyone in the class is wonderful! Thanks Ann!” 


I was shocked when I bent down and was fishing for a dog bowl way back in the crate and got right up with NO PROBLEM! I was ready to go to the doctor and have an MRI and felt like I was facing knee surgery.

I am going to be a very young 65 this year, and instead of dreading it, I’m looking forward to being in better shape than I have been in years. This is all due to the exercise program Ann has developed. I can’t thank her enough for making everyone feels so very welcome and I am now addicted to exercise rather than sitting in front of the computer!


After 1 year of attending Wade into Fitness on a regular basis, I am reaping the rewards. A recent doctor's appointment revealed I've lost 8 pounds & my cholesterol level dropped 15 points!

My husband & I recently took a group cave tour. Inside the caves, there were lots of stairs going up & down to the various levels. People younger than myself were winded & asking to sit down, while I felt just fine & was even glad to get some exercise. I credit my Wade into Fitness classes to help me maintain my endurance & muscle strength. And... Ann ’s classes are enjoyable. After an hour's class, rather than feeling worn out, I feel energized!

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