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Updated: Jun 5

We now have all the options to help you stay healthy and active in the way that best makes you feel safe and engaged! Our classes are simultaneously available online live, in-person indoors at a safe social distance with a face covering (subject to County Tier level), and even an in-person outdoor at an extended safe social distance no face covering option. As of June 15th California's mask mandate will be lifted and masks will no longer be required during our classes, but we welcome and support anyone who wishes to continue to wear one. :) So you get to pick. If you decide you'd like to join in-person classes at the center, please make sure to read the re-opening plan before heading back to class. For the future this means you can switch between options, so you won't have to miss class if you need to be home or if you're traveling and want to stick to a healthy routine!

Our online classes have the same great pricing structure as our in-person classes enjoy. One difference, however, is a special consideration for multiple people taking the class online from one household. The entire household only pays for a single class. The only thing we ask is that everyone taking the class from the household has "opted-in" so they've received and agreed to the disclosures we are required to follow :) Everyone taking the class online or in-person also needs to make sure they have filled out the County of San Diego's release form if they are a new student or, if you are an existing student, have already filled one out within the last 12 months. It can be mailed or dropped off at the center. We thank you that your purchase of online or in-person classes makes it possible for us to stay in business and supports the Fallbrook Community Center remaining a vibrant part of our town!

Regardless of paying status, everyone who has "opted in" to the online live classes notification list will continue to receive weekly links :) Whenever you choose to connect via a link, you will be checked in. If you already have a punch card we just ask that you cross off the square or hole punch the class square in front of the class manager or me as you are admitted from the Zoom waiting room, just like we do in person at the center. If you need to purchase a single class or punch card, you can come in to the center office at any time before your desired class/es to do so or you can go fully "contactless" by calling the center at (760) 728-1671 to purchase your classes over the phone and ask them to leave the receipt for me. We will mark off the classes you take from our end - no need to go anywhere!

No matter which option you choose, everyone deserves access to great health! If finances are tight right now, please know that the Friends of the Fallbrook Community Center has scholarships for just such circumstances. You can also reach out to me at any time and we will work it out. I'm here for you, our community is here for you, and we want to keep being a part of your exciting wellness journey!

Namaste, Ann

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