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Eat on Small Plates for Easy Weight Loss

Eat all your meals using small salad plates and bowls. Eat what you like and tell yourself you can go back for seconds. Chances are you'll allow your brain enough time to get the "I'm full" message (about 20 minutes), and you'll enjoy everything without overeating. This technique gives you an easy way to portion control without measuring. It eliminates the feeling of being deprived. Your plate or bowl looks lushly full which is visually satisfying, and you know you can always go back for seconds. This is a good habit for your entire family and a top recommendation of nutrition experts. Without having to think about it, thousands of unneeded calories can be easily eliminated. Try adding this one step on your journey over the next 30 days. For those of us who are visual, the picture below shows our family dishes. The top dishes we rarely ever use (dinner plate and large soup bowl). Instead, we always use the salad plate for meals, middle bowl for cereal, soups, pasta, etc., and the smallest bowl (known as a berry bowl about 3”) for desserts, ice cream, berries, etc. The same concept can be used for glasses and cups for juice, milk, etc.

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