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Accountability Partners: Power Up Your Fitness!

If you want to be successful in your fitness and nutrition goals, getting an “accountability partner” can help you stay on track! We see this work very well within a class setting where an accountability partner (aka friend) touches base to see if the other is going to class and takes a few minutes afterwards to enjoy catching up on successes and challenges. Knowing your accountability partner is waiting for you to show up is powerful motivation to get going and stick to it. It also adds another layer of enjoyment to your fitness practice. Sharing your goals with each other increases your odds of success. The key to success with an accountability partner is to commit, meet often, talk/text/email regularly, work together, and encourage each other! How you structure your accountability is up to you. You will discover a greater level of enthusiasm and energy, achieve more in less time, and reach your goals. Other benefits of accountability partnering:

  • You have a cheerleader and coach to help you when you feel discouraged.

  • Being an accountability partner encourages loyalty, friendship, and trustworthiness.

  • Knowing that someone is counting on you keeps you motivated.

  • You can celebrate your efforts with someone who can really understand you.

  • Reaching goals is better when it's done together!

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