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Feel Great, Lose Weight Omelet!

Most days getting 10 fruits/veggies can be challenging so we need to start at breakfast. This omelet makes me feel great with hours of energy, keeps me full, helps balance my weight, and get the number of veggies and fruits I need in a day going. I eat it about every other day.

  • 1 ½ - 2 cups Fresh, Organic Spinach sautéed in about 4-5 drops olive oil. Cooks down to an easily consumed ½ cup or less, (set aside on the plate you are going to eat on, the pan is ready for the eggs/no more greasing needed)

  • 1 whole egg + 2 egg whites whisked. Pour into pan let cover the bottom and cook until it is firm enough to easily lift edges with spatula and flip (flipping takes a little practice).

  • Turmeric, paprika, garlic salt, pepper, and Kirkland’s Organic No-Salt Seasoning (21 spices) to taste. Get creative here, experiment. Sometimes I add dill or fresh cilantro from my garden. I put these on the raw side while the first side cooks; I like to put all my ingredients on the spiced/inside so the outside of the finished product looks pretty. You could also do all this scrambled if you’d like.

  • Low Fat Swiss (or any other cheese you like) 2 oz is about 100 calories

  • Any other veggies you’d like inside your omelet. I like a ¼ ripe avocado 1 oz = 47 calories, tomato, a little hummus, etc. – look to the bounty of your fridge and garden

Including the olive oil used this omelet provides (all info. Approx.) 250-350 calories depending on what other veggies go inside. With the basic omelet you get 119% daily Vit A, 63% daily Calcium, 30.5 grams protein, min 10% daily Iron, 362% daily Vit K. All these nutrients are in their natural highly absorbable form. Ingredients are also anti-inflammatory. I often eat this alone or with a piece of whole grain toast and a warm cup of tea for a fabulous breakfast under 500 calories. Let me know what you think!

© Ann Wade. All rights reserved. No portion of this information may reprinted or copied without author permission.


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