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Yogurt Parfait - Power Meal Tastes Like Dessert!

Yogurt Parfait - Power Meal that Tastes Like Dessert -

  • Greek Yogurt 5.3 oz --I like Fage 2% as modest fat assist us in feeling full and staying that way. Greek Yogurt also supplies protein, assists with weight loss, has calcium and is probiotic (needed for healthy digestion).

  • Blueberries ½ cup -- antioxidant powerhouse, anti-inflammatory and “prebiotic” sets the stage for healthy

  • probiotic growth -- the power pair.

  • Walnuts ¼ cup (0 glycemic load, 191.25 cal, anti-inflammatory and great source of Manganese) -- it also adds crunch. (Just be sure you don’t over do, nuts are nutritious, but high in calories.)

Together this totally tasty combo is only approx 374 calories, 15% of daily fiber, 42% daily protein (more active

people need more protein for muscle), 6% daily iron, 12% daily Vit. C, 18% Vit. K, 14% daily Calcium. It is also

a rich source of Manganese and anti-inflammatory (which reduces cell destruction that contributes to disease

and aging). Nutrition data compiled from and Fage data. All info approximate. Consult a

doctor before making any significant dietary changes.

Buy the pre-flavored yogurt or buy unsweetened tubs and add natural stevia and fruit for sweetening. This lowers calories and glycemic load further. This “parfait” really tastes like I’m having dessert – no deprivation here!

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