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Best After Work Out Foods

Best After Work Out Foods

* Dark greens - their phytochemicals will help sore muscles and begin muscle repair. * Brazil nuts for cell damage fighting selenium. * Chocolate Milk for protein and glycogen to help build muscles. * Sweet Potatoes for rebuilding energy with complex carbs and antioxidants. Sound like too much to do in one sitting? Try doing it as pre-made smoothies. I fill a blender once a week with fresh dark greens, an orange veggie like carrots, sweet potato or squash and fruit (complex carbs/antioxidants), greek yogurt for the protein/glycogen, ice and a few nuts. (I have a VitaMix.) Whip it up, add some stevia to taste and you have 4-6 post workout drinks pre-made and ready to go. Because, really, who wants to do more work after a work out? Having them already put into serving sizes in the fridge and ready to go, I just stir them and have a refeshing recovery drink! *Source: Susan Kleiner, PhD, RD, sports nutritionist, quoted in Shape/BottomLine


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